WNC Garlic Fest

October 1, 2016

The 3rd Annual WNC Garlic Fest: Oct 1st 2016

WNC Garlic Fest was founded by Sow True Seed of Asheville NC with the aim of bringing the awesome world of garlic to the awesome people of Western Northern Carolina. Join us for a FREE celebration of all things garlic!

October 1st 2016. Noon to 6pm.

Southslope, Asheville NC.

Garlic Tasting, Classes and Garlic!

Our Garlicky Mission

Simple Skills : Great Garlic


WNC Garlic Fest is an opportunity to eat some creative, awesome and inspired garlic dishes! Garlic Ice Cream with garlic sprinkles, Garlic Fudge, Garlic Cookies, Honey Fermented Garlic. Come explode your taste buds.


Western North Carolina is an agricultural hotspot and growing garlic is no exception. WNC Garlic Fest was founded with a mission to educate people in the simple skill of growing great garlic and offers free garlic lessons.


WNC Garlic Fest is organized and supported by Sow True Seed, a local seed company that supplies certified seed garlic and supports the mission of local and sustainable food systems. Grow Your Own Great Garlic!


The Garlic Trail: Select participating vendors will be listed on a postcard available from Sow True Seed. Follow the WNC Garlic Trail, find the vendors and show them your postcard for a FREE garlicky experience. Collect all the experiences and return to Sow True Seed for a small Garlic-Guru prize.

When & Where:The Garlic Trail will be open from NOON until 6PM or until the samples run out! Collect your postcard from Sow True Seed and find the participating vendors at the Garlic Fest locations.

2016 WNC Garlic Trail Offerings

Sow True Seed will also be on the WNC Garlic Trail. We'll be offering samples of Roots Roasted Garlic Hummus and the Gypsy Queen's famous Aioli. Both kindly donated by the respective creators!


SIMPLE SKILLS: WNC Garlic Fest is organized by Sow True Seed, a local seed company that is committed to supporting a sustainable food system. The inaugural Garlic Fest of 2014 was really just born from Sow True Seed offering free garlic growing classes and getting a little over excited.

Now in its third year, Sow True Seed is making WNC Garlic Fest into an awesome annual celebration of garlic, but we will stay true to the mission of educating people about growing and eating garlic.

In 2016 we currently have 5 speakers who will each give a 45 minute presentation. There is no registration required, just turn up in time to grab a seat and enjoy some good old fashioned learning!

Where? 146 Church Street, Asheville NC 28801

2016 Garlic Class Schedule

The 2015 Class Schedule
seed garlic


GREAT GARLIC: Garlic Fest aims to feed you some unforgettable experiences, teach you everything you need to know to get you started as a garlic gardener, and then send you home with a your favorite variety of garlic so you can embark on your first garlic growing adventure.

Sow True Seed organizes and hosts WNC Garlic Fest to coincide with the perfect planting time in Western North Carolina. If you need a certified source of seed garlic then Sow True Seed has you covered.

2016 Highlight Seed Garlic Varieties